Love knows no boundaries. While Josh is no longer physically with us, his spirit is always around us. Josh is in a lot of people’s favorite memories. The mark he left is a great one, and because of this, he’ll never really be gone.

On April 14, 2012, Joshua Hernandez passed away unexpectedly. He was on his way home from a high school soccer game, he got into a car accident, and never made it home. It was his first road trip with his twin brother, Jesse. It was their senior year of high school at Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, Texas. A wooden cross memorial sits on the side of the road where the crash took place.

What ensued after the crash was an outpouring of love and support from the surrounding community. His high school gym was filled with students seeking comfort as they mourned the loss of their friend. News stations interviewed family and friends, and even attended a school memorial held by the Trophy Club community and covered the funeral service at Josh’s childhood church, Heartland Church in Carrolton, Texas.

“Why?” Is the question family continued to ask. “Why is this crash getting so much attention?” The community clearly has answered this question. Josh was special. He loved people unconditionally. Josh was a friend to the friendless. He was an encourager, a leader, a man of integrity. Letters, notes, social media messages poured in about how Josh had reached out to so many.

Josh’s family held him in high regard believing him to be special, and he was the same amazing young man out in public as he was amongst his family. Josh loved movies, drama, working out, basketball, family, and had a great sense of humor. He was trustworthy and a man of faith. He was never afraid to share his faith with anyone and everyone. We all know he wasn’t perfect. Josh could have a temper, but he was quick to apologize and make amends. Humility was a natural state of being for Josh. He was a young man of character. The incredible outpouring of love came in many forms and many gave monetary gifts.


Josh’s family wanted to honor and give back to the community who loved and supported them through such a painful time. Therefore, they established the Live Like Josh Foundation. Its goals are to spread the message of hope and love that Josh stood for while raising funds for scholarships to be awarded in the local community.